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The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) is the European organization which – on a non-profit basis – coordinates and promotes activities of their members in the area of services based on the delivery of geo-information products on customer demand.

These products are derived from Earth Observation (EO) data, collected by earth observation satellites or by aircraft equipped with remote sensing instruments. The members of EARSC are active on the growing market for the exploitation of EO data by converting these data in geo-information suitable and accessible for their clients. This conversion process, the customization of the products and the development and provision of services is characterized by addition of value for users/customers in the chain between data collection and exploitation of information.

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Copernicus MASTERS Awards 2014

Friday October 24, 2014

The Copernicus Masters 2014, which was held worldwide for the first time, received more than 170 entries from 43 different countries. The application ideas submitted to the Copernicus Masters 2014 offer a glimpse into the next generation of Earth observations services in a wide array of business and societal sectors, including health, infrastructure, catastrophe management, agriculture and forestry, and environmental protection. Our thanks go out to all of our participants and partners for their dedicated support helped to make the 2014 edition a great success. We proudly present this year’s outstanding award-winners!
Your Copernicus Masters Team

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